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Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach
and Author
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BH Tan is a leadership consultant, executive coach and author specializing in

leadership development in a culturally–diverse environment. He is the president of Lead Associates based in Singapore. In the last 30 years, he has coached CEOs, presidents, VPs and middle managers in Asia, the United States and Europe, and top leadership teams, to enhance their growth and effectiveness and bring greater value to their organizations. 



His consulting and coaching assignments include working with Gen Z and Millennial leaders. Such leaders are an important group as they will increasingly occupy the senior leadership echelons in the digital age. BH views this as an invaluable opportunity to learn what matters most to them, and to reciprocate by sharing his insights and experience.  He has also worked with many outstanding women leaders at all levels as he is a huge advocate of gender equality.


Prior to becoming a leadership consultant, BH served as regional VP in a number of well-known multinationals. BH holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a Ph.D. in leadership studies. He is a lifelong student of Eastern and Western thinking and leadership. He takes a wide interest in current affairs and delights in playing the devil’s advocate in conversations. Married with 2 grown-up daughters, he is the author of three books on leadership: (1) The First-Time Manager in Asia, (2) Leading with New Eyes and (3) The Way of the Leader. His third book focuses on paradoxical leadership qualities, key pre-requisites for navigating the digital era of great complexity and immense possibilities. He speaks Mandarin and is a professional certified coach (PCC) by ICF (International Coaching).

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