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donald j huse


Executive Coach


Don Huse is an experienced executive coach who has worked with leaders in business, health sector, and government organizations in Singapore and throughout Asia. He coaches these clients to strengthen their effectiveness as leaders and managers, in particular focusing on how each client can optimize the impact he/she has on others. In the context of organizations, each leader must be able to communicate in a broad range of relationships. Thus, he works with clients to strengthen their skills in such aspects of communication as visioning, influencing, persuading, clarifying, coaching, motivating, and networking.

He has coached leaders not only from Singapore, but from other countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. His methodology is a pragmatic results-based and solutions-focused approach. He seeks first to raise awareness as to how a client impacts his/her colleagues. They then work together to strengthen those key leadership skills that are most relevant to my client’s specific requirements. 

Don comes to Executive Coaching after a 30+ year career in International Corporate Banking. During his career, he has accumulated extensive experience managing corporate banking businesses in a broad range of Asian markets. In so doing, he has learned a great deal about what it takes to be a successful leader in complex organizations. In particular, he has developed important leadership skills including: managing cross-cultural teams, communicating, coaching, influencing, mentoring, motivating, and networking.

Don possesses a Bachelors Degree from Stanford Univesity and a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University. He has attended educational programs organized by the Center for Creative Leadership, GSB – Uni. Of Chicago and INSEAD, He is associated with the International Coach Federation; Asian Women’s Welfare Association. Don is US citizen and a permanent resident of Singapore.


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